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Personal Protection Specialists

Our personal protection specialists are highly trained, registered, certified, fully licensed and background checked by the Department of Criminal Justice and provide close protection from bodily harm to any person.

It’s our job to keep others safe when threatened by terrorists, angry ex-spouses, stalkers, kidnappers or political enemies.  We protect top executives, CEOs, celebrities, women escaping domestic abuse, and anyone who feels the need for security and protection from a perceived danger.

A personal protection specialist can:

  • evaluate and plan home security systems
  • plan safe travel routes
  • be up to date on kidnapping and terrorist tactics
  • know evasive driving maneuvers
  • be able to “read” suspicious behavior in crowds
  • plan escape routes should danger occur
  • know self-defense and firearms
  • have basic emergency medical skills
  • recognize bomb threats and explosive devices
  • be able to coordinate teams of specialists
  • know the laws in the area they’re working in
  • have “executive protocol” skills (like which fork to use in fancy restaurants)

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4445 Corporation Lane
Suite #270
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Office: 757-213-6809
Hours: Mon-Fri 800am-530pm est

Providing security and private investigation services throughout the state of Virginia.

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Background Checks

All owners, directors, officers and employees are registered with and background checked by The Department of Criminal Justice. We are self-insured and state licensed through The Department of Criminal Justice. Take the liability and risk off your business and put it on us.

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