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If You’re Attacked

If Attacked

• Attempt to run to the nearest residence or open business. Cries for help can discourage criminals and may result in their arrest.

• What you will do in a situation will depend on many variables. Having a plan and rehearsing it in your mind is very important.

• If you carry some kind of self-defense spray with you, make sure you have read the directions for use and have also tested it.

These sprays may stop the attack long enough for you to attempt an escape.

• If someone tries to rob you, give them your property. In most cases, that is all they want. Do not sacrifice your life for your property.

• Call the police (911) immediately to report the crime.

• Attempt to get an accurate description of your attacker such as clothing, glasses, scars, tattoos, hair color, height, and weight.

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Proper Staffing Security, with more than 75 years combined experience in private security, military operations, and law enforcement will provide an innovative approach to the private security industry. This enables our professional staff to customize its services to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. With a subtle approach to specific security needs and operational demands, we proactively deter threats to people, as well as private and corporate assets.