Security is a vital and integral part to the success of all hotels. Many guests bring important valuables (money, jewelry, important papers etc.), which in most cases are protected by an in-room safe. However, these guests must also feel personally protected and secure every step of the way through out the duration of their stay. This sense of personal safety never more important then when the guests are sleeping. Security guards patrolling various parts of the hotel property (i.e. checking doors and stairwells are locked and secure, and checking the outside property, including activity areas such as pools, Jacuzzis, and spas, have no danger lurking around the corner) not only gives the manager on duty piece of mind and a sense of security, but arriving guests who see security guards in the lobby and waiting areas are immediately welcomed with a sense of security as well.

To ensure the best overall guest experience, larger properties will hire numerous security guards throughout the property who maintain communication with radios. These security guards will respond to complaints and cries for help from the guests and front desk, and will rush to the scene calming all individuals involved diffusing the situation and solve the problem. In some cases the security guard handling the situation may even call the local police. Simply put, I guess hotel security is a lot like car insurance. No one likes to pay for it but it is necessary, and those who do have it will be glad that they do when a problem arises!